The Unknown Patriotic Specters at the Capitol

Soldiers from wars long past may haunt the capitol, marching time from time in dead of night. Witnesses have seen the ghost of an American Revolutionary War solder, in full uniform, passes by the empty Washington crypt, meant to entomb George Washington but he preferred to be buried in Mount Vernon. Also, the specter of…

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The Spectral Scholarly Ghost of the Library of Congress

In 1897, the Library of Congress was blessed with its own building, now known as the Jefferson Building, because his sale of books to the Library of Congress after the War of 1812 had been nucleus of Library’s collection.  Not only was the building designed to be as fireproof as possible, but it was the…

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Mary Surratt’s Ghost

The intersection of 7th Street NW and H Street NW is the heart of D.C.’s Chinatown neighborhood today, but prior to the 1930s it was populated primarily by German immigrants. Before the American Civil War, 7th Street NW was the city’s primary commercial district, the street lined with three-story Federal-style townhouses with shops on the…

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Fala Still Barks at the White House

Fala, was an early Christmas gift to Franklin D. Roosevelt from his favorite cousin, Margaret Suckley, proved to be the perfect political animal. He shook people’s hands instead of taking a bite out of them or doing his business in inappropriate places unlike so many other doges that the Roosevelts had. One had even taken…

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Woodrow Wilson Haunts Here

Woodrow Wilson, the 28th President of the United States, moved here in 1921 after he finished his presidency. He had high hopes of starting a law practice and continuing scholarly activities but he never recovered from his last stroke before he died in 1924. Woodrow Wilson had been in denial about his stroke and had…

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Library of Congress’s Ghosts

The Library of Congress found a friend in Congress when the legislative body passed the Copyright Act of 1870. This single measure made the Library of Congress the central copyright authority for the entire country. Those who wanted to get a copyright had to deposit two copies of their work instead of the local federal…

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The Demon Cat: A Spooky Tale

Not all Capitol hauntings are related to people who worked there in the hallowed halls of Congress’s home. One haunting has its beginnings in the city’s rodent problem in the nineteenth century. This is perhaps unsurprising for a city built near so many rivers. What were the politicians to do, but use the universal solution…

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The Scariest Tours in the World

Visit the world’s most haunted capital city: Washington, DC. Scary DC is Washington District of Columbia’s most haunted ghost tour. Let us see if we can scare you with stories of ghosts, scandalous tales, haunted places, and mysterious sightings of apparitions. The supernatural phenomena of Washington, DC are alive and well. Listen to the ghostly…

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