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Senator Harry Truman on the Job on Capitol Hill


Senator Harry S Truman was such a hard worker that he set a demanding pace that few subordinates could match. Senator Truman arrived at the Capitol so early that the cleaning staff gave him own set of keys so he could get into the building. Secret Servicemen found it hard to keep up with his…

The Vice President’s Official Residence is Haunted


If the home of the president is haunted, why should not the home of his number two be haunted also?  Since 1974, and separated from auspices of the Naval Observatory, Number One Observatory Circle, a house situated in the grounds of the observatory (formerly the residence of its superintendent, and later the home of the…

The White House by Moonlight written by Walt Whitman Illustrated by James Ransome


The White House by Moonlight written by Walt Whitman Illustrated by James Ransome is a classic text. We have pasted a segment below for your enjoyment. Happy haunting! Scary DC Team Ghosts of Scary…

Old DC City Hall Haunts © 2018 By Dr. Philip Ernest Schoenberg, Ghost with a Blog #Ghosts


The Old DC City Hall and Courthouse is one of the oldest buildings in the District of Columbia, Washington’s former City Hall, located on D Street between 4th and 5th Streets NW, was built in stages beginning in August 1820 but due to chronic underfunding was not finished until 1849.   It originally was shared between…

The First Ghosts of the United States Capitol Building


“The Capitol at Washington is probably the most thoroughly haunted building in the world. Not less than fifteen well-authenticated ghosts infest it, and some of them are of a more than ordinarily alarming character.”– Published in the Philadelphia Press, October 2, 1898   The United States Capitol is considered one of the most haunted buildings in…

No Swan Song for “Bishop” Sims of the Senate Barber Shop


Behind the gold double doors of the Capital is a barber shop. People of prominence are not the only people to stick around after their body has stopped. Sometimes, when the hour is late, people have heard the distinctive, resonant voice drifting melodically from the Senate barbershop. Bishop Simms as he was known would sing as…