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The Vice President’s Official Residence is Haunted


If the home of the president is haunted, why should not the home of his number two be haunted also?  Since 1974, and separated from auspices of the Naval Observatory, Number One Observatory Circle, a house situated in the grounds of the observatory (formerly the residence of its superintendent, and later the home of the Chief of Naval Operations), has been the official residence of the Vice President of the United States at Number One Observatory Circle Naval Observatory.

Joel Martin and William J. Birnes, The Haunting of the Presidents (Old Saybrook, CT:  Konecky and Konecky, 2003), page 365 report that “During President Jimmy Carter’s term of office, Vice President Walter Mondale’s daughter, Eleanor, complained about a phantom that appeared in her bedroom one night when she was sleeping over in the mansion. Eleanor Monde wrote about her paranormal experience in Swing magazine, describing the apparition that she saw in the moonlight shadow near the window. “I was so scared,” she wrote, “I fainted. Upon coming to, I reached for the phone and picked up the ‘hotline’ to the Secret Service command post. I whispered that there was a man in my room and hang up. Minutes later, two agents busted into the room, guns drawn.” However, they found mo intruder in the room. Eleanor told them she’d seen a ghost. But the Secret Service  men were not sympathetic to that answer and asked her very forcefully an d n o uncertain terms that  she ‘never do that again!’”

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