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Senator Harry Truman on the Job on Capitol Hill


Senator Harry S Truman was such a hard worker that he set a demanding pace that few subordinates could match. Senator Truman arrived at the Capitol so early that the cleaning staff gave him own set of keys so he could get into the building. Secret Servicemen found it hard to keep up with his “constitutionals” as he called his walks when he became president.

Harry Truman had been first elected Senator in 1934.  Politicians and people alike were surprised to find that he was not “the man from Pendergast” because he made his own decisions instead of being the puppet of the Kansas City political boss.  When Tom Pendergast died in disgrace, convicted of income tax evasion, President Truman showed up at his funeral as a sign of respect and gratitude despite the abundant criticism at the time.  When he ran for re-election in 1940, he was so short of funds, he had to sleep in a car overnight at times.  Despite President Franklin Roosevelt endorsing his opponent in the Democratic primary, he won the election.  He was even more surprised when President Roosevelt asked him to be his vice presidential running mate in 1944.

To Truman’s great surprise, he succeeded Roosevelt as president upon his death.  To the surprise of the pollsters, Truman won the election in his own right in 1948.  He retired as a very unpopular president but since his popularity has come back.

Upon retirement, Truman moved back to Independence, Missouri, his hometown where he spent the rest of his life. Although Harry Truman, citizen, died in 1972, he has since returned as the spirit of Senator Harry S Truman once more on the job for the people. He can still be seen striding up those steps!

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