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The Ghosts of the Cannon Office Building


Many politicians with strong personalities and a powerful attachment to his institution of Congress are reputed still to roam these parts. Representative Joseph Cannon (R-Ill.) served as Speaker from 1903 to 1911 and Rep. Champ Clark (D-Mo.) as Speaker from 1911 to 1919). By the late 1920s both men were dead, but by no means gone.

Witnesses claim their shades occasionally return to the dark chamber of the House of Representatives after midnight and, after a loud rap from. A gavel, resume the strong, angry debates they once had in life. Guards who have reported seeing the phantoms of the former Speakers revisiting the scene of many of their battles, say they always come at night, and the chamber is always pitching black.” Now the name of the Republican Speaker is forever remembered in the office buildings that bears his name.

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