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Woodrow Wilson Haunts Here


Woodrow Wilson, the 28th President of the United States, moved here in 1921 after he finished his presidency. He had high hopes of starting a law practice and continuing scholarly activities but he never recovered from his last stroke before he died in 1924. Woodrow Wilson had been in denial about his stroke and had even dreamed of being renominated for a third term. No wonder his ghost is so despondent.

Woodrow Wilson’s ghost still roams the premises. Aided by a cane, he can be heard climbing the steps to his bedroom. The sounds of a man sobbing can be heard from the bedroom. At other times, an almost transparent, the pale gray figure is seated at the former president’s desk. He appears to be wearing a dress shirt, tie, and jacket. The lower part of his body is covered in an old-fashioned lap robe or blanket. The phantom’s face is disfigured by sagging muscles on the left side, symptoms of a paralytic stroke. The unaffected side of the ghostly visage is marked by a frowning, far-off stare, as though the onetime president were remembering his great failures instead of his great achievements as president.

A caretaker, quit in 1969, no longer able to put with the unexplained “slow shuffle” that moved in the house. Unexplained sounds and visitors have haunted this house for years. This ghost has appeared to only a few times recently. Perhaps the spirit has found peace at last.

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